TGV Train: Bullet Train in France

Short for the French "Train à Grande Vitesse", meaning high-speed train, the TGV train is among the most popular transportation modes in France. The modern train offers two coach classes to select from, 2nd class with comfortable seats arranged 2 by 2, and the more spacious 1st class with seats 2 by 1. The TGV is equipped with modern amenities and onboard facilities, including a buffet car with a bar, toilets, a nursery area with a changing table for small children, electric sockets for charging devices, large panoramic windows, plus, some trains even have free WIFi. The trains depart from and arrive at stations located right in the city centers, making it easy to get around. What is more, there are no super strict limitations when it comes to luggage, and you can bring two items of luggage as well as a carry-on per person.

How fast does the TGV train go?

This French bullet train can travel at speeds which are up to 300 - 320 kph (around 186.5 - 199 mph). This makes for quick time-saving connections from one heart of town to another, explaining the popularity of the TGV among travelers.

What are the most common TGV train routes?

The TGV train routes cover over 200 destinations in France alone, among the most popular ones, are the Paris to Avignon, Paris to Lyon, Paris to Nice, as well as Paris to Marseille. Moreover, the train connects France to numerous neighboring countries like Spain, Italy, and Belgium, including favored routes like Paris - Brussels, Paris - Barcelona, and Paris - Milan.

Where is the TGV train station in Paris?

The Paris Gare de Lyon rail station in the capital of France is the major TGV station from which depart most of the internal rail routes of this high-speed train (heading to French cities) as well as those TGV trains going to Milan, Barcelona, and Madrid. Nevertheless, when going to Brussels, the trains depart from the Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 2 TGV station.

Where to buy TGV train tickets?

It is possible to purchase tickets for your trip directly on the stations in France. As such, you'll have the opportunity to get them at the ticket desks or from self-service machines. Note, though, that in this case there exists the chance that you'll come across limited availability or sold-out tickets, especially if you're going in the high travel season. For this reason, we suggest taking care of the matter in advance and book TGV train tickets online.

TGV train travel tips

There's no need to check in your bags, yet keep in mind that it is highly advisable to arrive at least 30-40 minutes prior to the time the train is scheduled to leave for passing the security checks, finding the platform, as well as boarding the train. In order not to miss your departure and to avoid trouble, make sure to have your ticket handy: printed out or available on your mobile device for scanning, plus your ID and/or passport as you might be asked to show it.