Austrian Railways

When it comes to transportation and connections, traveling by train is, without a doubt, one of the best options for your Austria exploration! The modern Austrian rail network boasts an extensive schedule offering numerous daily departures, making planning your upcoming travel easy. Moreover, Austria trains connect not only all major cities of the country but also operate on over 30 different routes between Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Czechia, Switzerland, and other destinations in Europe.


Overall length of rail tracks in Austria

Overall length of rail tracks in Austria: 6 123 km

Types of trains in Austria

Types of trains in Austria: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of Austrian routes sold on Rail Ninja: 30+

Fastest train speed in Austria

Fastest train speed of Austrian trains: 230 km/h


Top Choices for Austrian Train Travel

Railjet High-Speed Train

Operated by OBB, the Austrian Federal Railways, Railjet is a top choice among travelers in Austria. This high-speed train runs on more than 20 different routes, connecting numerous Austrian cities, and is a popular option for a transfer to the Vienna airport. What is more, the train offers several classes to choose from and is equipped with modern amenities on board, including comfortable seats with folding tables, electrical outlets, free WiFi, and special areas for your luggage.

EuroCity High-Speed Train

If you are planning long-distance train travel in Austria, consider choosing the EuroCity bullet train for your journey. This outstanding high-speed train follows international rail routes between many European destinations like Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czechia, and Denmark. EuroCity passengers can select from a few travel classes depending on their preferences. Regardless of the class, all train coaches are air-conditioned, have cozy seats, and spacious luggage areas.

Nightjet Overnight Train

One of the most comfortable overnight trains in Austria, the Nightjet train is an ideal choice for your trip around Europe. Operated by the Austrian Railways, this modern train offers an extensive route network and guarantees maximum comfort for its passengers. Equipped with all the needed amenities, Nightjet provides 3 travel classes: sleeper, couchette, and seated coaches. Moreover, in some cars, there is a special place on board for cars, motorbikes, and bicycles.

EuroNight Overnight Train

The night-running equivalent of the EuroCity train, EuroNight is a perfect option for those who want to set off on a comfortable rail adventure and also have some night rest. Connecting the most popular travel destinations in Europe, the train is modern, well-equipped, and offers several classes of sleepers to select from. Please keep in mind that on board the EuroNight train Wi-Fi is not available.


What are the types of trains in Austria?

While planning your journey, based on your preferences, you can select from various types of trains. The most popular option among travelers in Austria is high-speed trains. Austria high-speed rail offers two types of trains, including Railjet and Eurocity. If you prefer traveling at night, consider choosing one of the overnight trains operating on the train routes in Austria.

Why should you book your Austria train tickets on Rail Ninja?

A great advantage of making an online ticket reservation on Rail Ninja is that you can browse the extensive Austrian railways timetable for your route, select from different types of trains, and get your tickets far in advance. Moreover, while booking your ticket, you can indicate your seat preferences and we'll do our utmost to assign the best available seat to you.

How far in advance can you buy Austria rail tickets?

If you choose to book tickets for your train to Austria or one of its domestic routes online on Rail Ninja, you may do so for dates which are up to 2 years in advance, depending on the chosen type of train.


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