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Travel to Venice by Train

You can describe and admire Venice almost endlessly. This fabulous city on the water conveniently spread out on more than a hundred islands connected by numerous bridges, is a real paradise for romantics. Here you can walk through the narrow streets where the charming Casanova once walked, take a ride on an elegant gondola, enjoy a bright sunset on the shore of the Venetian Lagoon. And besides, wherever you go in Venice, your eye will be relentlessly pleased with the buildings and palaces of the Renaissance. But the sights of the city do not end there either. Tourists are invariably attracted by the ancient Rialto Bridge (Ponte Rialto), Piazza di San Marco, Santa Maria della Salute Church, and other magnificent places. One of the greatest ways to view Venice's beauties is via the tour by Italy's trains and admire the breathtaking landscapes and fantastic beaches while relaxing in the comfortable and well-equipped train!