As you know, the stunning country of Croatia is one of Central Europe's gems. It's a lovely place for anyone who seeks an off-the-beaten-path destination for a summer holiday, and its picturesque sandy beaches, the hot sun, and charming coastal towns attract thousands of people every year. And a fast and modern train is the best way to get around beautiful Croatia. The railway system there is very advanced, connecting all the major population centers, which makes it very easy to get around. Although there is no high-speed railway in the country, Croatian trains reach the top speed of 160 km/h (99 mph), which is quite impressive. During recent years, works on modernizing the rail system were constantly taking place, which increased the popularity of train connections among tourists and locals alike. For example, the tilting trains, serving a few major rail routes (including a line from Zagreb to Split), are among the most favorable choices, boasting fast travel times and great onboard amenities.

Overall length of rail tracks in Croatia

Overall length of Croatia railways: 2,974 km

Types of trains in Croatia

Types of Croatian trains: local, intercity & international

Number of routes we sell

Number of Croatian routes sold on Rail Ninja: 25+

Fastest train speed in Croatia

Fastest train of Croatia rail:
160 km/h


Top Choices for Traveling by Train in Croatia

RegioJet Train

If you have some experience in Central Europe travel, you've probably enjoyed a ride on a high-speed RegioJet train before. So, good news - they serve the Croatian railway as well! These trains boast fast travel times, have six travel classes onboard, and pride themselves on excellent amenities. Passengers of all classes get a complimentary bottle of water after boarding and are welcome to take advantage of free Wi-Fi, magazines, and newspapers during the ride. Plus, travelers get access to the branded entertainment portal (headphones are available upon request).


What to Know About Train Travel in Croatia


Are there trains in Croatia?

Yes, the country of Croatia boasts an excellent railway network. What is more, it's quite a popular way to get around the country and in 2017, the Croatian rail served over 19.87 million passengers!

How do I get to Croatia by train?

It's very easy, as this marvelous country serves quite a few international routes. Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Czechia, Austria, and Germany all operate regular trains to Croatia, so, as you can see, traveling to this sun-kissed country by railway is not a challenge at all.

What is the best way to travel around Croatia?

As mentioned above, the country boasts an extensive railway network, making a train one of the smartest ways to get around Croatia. Trains are an excellent value for money, offering fast travel times and great comfort during the journey, while remaining a relatively budget-friendly option when it comes to intercity travel in Central Europe.

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