Czech Railways

Famous for their safety, speed, and great service on board, trains are high-demand means of transportation in Czechia and an ideal option for you Europe exploration. The modern and convenient Czech rail network covers not only all major hubs of the country but also connects the republic with other popular travel destinations like Germany, Hungary, Austria, and Poland. What is more, the Czech train schedule offers plenty of daily departures for various types of trains, so you can plan your trip without any worries.

Overall length of rail tracks in Czechia

Overall length of rail tracks in Czechia: 9 619 km

Types of trains in Czechia

Types of trains in Czechia: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of Czech routes sold on Rail Ninja: 15+

Fastest train speed in Czechia

Fastest train speed of Czech trains: 230 km/h


Top Choices for Czech Train Travel

Regiojet High-Speed Train

Choose a high-speed adventure with Regiojet, and travel quickly and comfortably anywhere in Czechia and beyond! Regiojet trains reach top speeds of 200 km/h (124 mph), providing speedy travel times. In a matter of a few hours, you can get to the Czech destinations and explore other European countries. Whether you prefer budget traveling, comfortable journey, or train trips in a 4-bed sleeper cabin, Regiojet offers the options for every taste! There are also extra benefits such as free WiFi, luggage room, selection of drinks, and complimentary newspapers and magazines.

Railjet High-Speed Train

Offering fast and comfortable connections between numerous tourist destinations in Europe, the Railjet is an absolute favorite among travelers. This modern high-speed train runs at a speed of 230 km/h (143 mph) and offers three travel classes to choose from (Second Economy Class, First Class, and Business Class). All coaches are equipped with comfortable and spacious seats, power sockets, racks for your luggage, and free WiFi.

EuroCity High-Speed Train

Operated by Deutsche Bahn, a German railway company, EuroCity bullet trains are the best choice for your large-scale Europe adventure. Apart from providing fast cross-border connections, the Eurocity trains offer a convenient extensive schedule and high-class amenities in all cars. Based on your preferences, you can select between the 1st and 2nd coach classes. Moreover, the majority of EuroCity trains have a restaurant car where passengers can buy food and drinks.

EuroNight Overnight Train

The nocturnal alternative of the EuroCity train, EuroNight, provides comfortable overnight travel over long distances. Saving your travel time, this train gets you from one city to another while you relax and enjoy the excellent service. All EuroNight sleepers are equipped with top-notch amenities, including air-conditioning, power sockets, and luggage racks. Unfortunately, there is no WiFi on the EuroNight trains.


How to book a train ticket to travel the Czech railways?

Here, on Rail Ninja, you can easily browse the train schedule, choose the preferred travel class, and buy Czech train tickets online for your getaway. Moreover, you can make reservations for departures as far as two years ahead what makes your trip planning and upcoming Czech rail travel absolutely carefree.

Should I reserve a seat on a Czech train or not?

The option of reserving a seat depends on the selected type of train. To be sure that you'll have the seat you want, please indicate your preferences while booking your tickets online on Rail Ninja, and we'll do everything possible to assign you the best of the available options.

Do I have to print my ticket or can I show it on my smartphone screen?

After booking your Czech train tickets, make sure to print them out or at least have the E-version of the ticket on your mobile device as you'll be asked to show it while getting on board the train.

Can I take my bike on the train in the Czech Republic?

While planning your Czech train travel, it's good to know that you can transport your bicycle on most trains operating on the Czech railways. The option of taking a bicycle on board depends on the chosen type of train.

Can I drink on Czech trains?

Eating and drinking onboard the train is usually allowed but please pay attention that drinking alcohol is stricly forbidden onboard all of the Czech Republic trains.


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