Greek Railway

You have to agree - it's hard to imagine a more impressive way to travel sun-kissed Greece than a high-speed train. Just sitting in a spacious air-conditioned train car, admiring the stunning view over the Parnassus mountain seems like a good enough reason to opt for taking a train. But we can offer a few more pros of a train ride in Greece to help you make up your mind. The trains offer the best value for money, as they boast fast travel times and provide much more comfort during the journey than even the most comfortable bus can hope for. Although the railway system in Greece doesn't allow to travel the country far and wide, as its coverage is a bit limited, train lines still serve most of the mainland and connect such popular destinations as Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, and Florina. What is more, there a few thematical train options for those who seek a unique experience, such as a Steam Train of Pelion and a cog train from Diakofto to Kalavryta. International railway services are also available in Greece, including connections to Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania.

Overall length of rail tracks in Greece

Overall length of Greece railways: 5,256 km

Types of trains in Greece

Types of Greek trains: regular, express & intercity

Number of routes we sell

Number of Greek routes sold on Rail Ninja: 12

Fastest train speed in Greece

Fastest train of Greece rail: 160 km/h


Popular Choices for Greece Train Travel

Shuttles Operated by TrainOSE

If you are planning a rail adventure in Greece, opting for a TrainOSE service is one of the smartest choices. There are three types of trains at your service: Regular, Express, and Intercity trains, the fastest of the bunch and offer the best onboard amenities, making them perfect for long journeys. Regardless of what you choose for your trip, you can rest assured that you will be provided with everything you need for a comfortable voyage.


Tips on Train Travel in Greece


Does Greece have a train system?

Sure, this wonderful country has a well-developed train system. Although it's not a match to the renowned Japanese trains with their record-breaking top-speed, it's still a safe and fast way to get around the country.

What are trains like in Greece?

Well, there are three types of trains in Greece, and Intercity trains are the most popular options for train travel in the country as they are the fastest. They boast air-conditioned cars (which is very important during the summer months), fitted with cushy seats, generous legroom, and big panoramic windows. There is a slight problem with graffiti in Greece, so don't be surprised if the train exterior is a bit more colorful than you expected.

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