Hungarian Railways

Setting off on a train adventure around Hungary is the best way to admire the beauty of this charming country as the Hungarian railways are an extensive train network featuring numerous both domestic and international connections. The railway station in Budapest is the starting point of the majority train routes in the country so you can easily get to any city or town from the Hungarian capital. Furthermore, all trains in Hungary are modern, well-equipped, and provide excellent service onboard to make your trip absolutely unforgettable.

Overall length of rail tracks in Hungary

Overall length of rail tracks in Hungary: 7 893 km

Types of trains in Hungary

Types of trains in Hungary: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of Hungarian routes sold on Rail Ninja: 10+

Fastest train speed in Hungary

Fastest train speed of Hungarian trains: 230 km/h


Top Choices for Hungarian Train Travel

Railjet High-Speed Train

Being one of the most comfortable Hungary trains, Railjet is a preferred option among travelers in Europe. Railjet's maximum speed is 230 km/h (143 mph), making it the fastest train operating on the Hungarian rail routes. Railjet passengers can select from three coach classes, including Second Economy Class, First Class, and Business Class. Moreover, apart from the great amenities, travelers can take advantage of the restaurant car and onboard children's cinema.

EuroCity High-Speed Train

The EuroCity bullet train is the top choice for those who are planning a long-distance trip around Europe as these trains operate on the international routes, connecting such countries as Germany, Czechia, Denmark, Switzerland, and Austria to name a few. All EuroCity trains are air-conditioned, provide top-notch service onboard, and have comfortable seats. During your journey, you can also pop in the restaurant car to buy some snacks and beverages.

EuroNight Overnight Train

Looking for a night train to Budapest or another city in Europe? Then consider hopping on a convenient EuroNight train. Enjoy the safe and fast connection while this overnight train takes you to the final destination. The EuroNight train offers several classes to select from. All sleepers are designed to provide the utmost comfort and are equipped with modern amenities. We would like to pay your attention that there is no available Wi-Fi on the EuroNight trains.


Do I need to make seat reservations on Hungarian trains?

On Rail Ninja, you can learn more about the Hungary train timetable and travel classes to easily plan your future adventures. Moreover, on the website, Hungary train tickets can be booked in advance, but please keep in mind that the availability of choosing a certain seat depends on the type of train. During the booking process of your Hungarian railways tickets online, you can make a request about the preferred seat.


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