Providing fast and convenient transportation between cities and towns, the railway system in Ireland is definitely a well-developed one. It allows you not only to reach your destination in a time-saving manner but provides some picturesque views over the rolling hills and scenic landscapes of the country as well. The railway system was started to develop back in 1834, once the first route, Dublin - Kingstown, was opened. Throughout the years, railways have reached their peak in usage, as well as endured difficulties, especially with road traffic gaining popularity. However, the network expanded continuously, and nowadays, it provides connections to almost any city in the country.

Overall length of rail tracks in Ireland

Overall length of rail tracks in Ireland: over 2 500 km

Types of trains in Ireland

Types of Ireland trains: intercity and international

Number of routes we sell

Number of Irish routes sold on Rail Ninja: 6

Fastest train speed in Ireland

Fastest train speed of Irish trains: 100 km/h


Top Choices for Ireland Trains Journeys

Irish Trains

Irish Train is the main provider of train service in Ireland. Boasting modern, well-equipped trains, it is one of the best, time-saving methods of traveling in the country, ensuring a safe and worry-free journey. The trip from Dublin to Cork, for instance, takes roughly two and a half hours on an Irish Train, during which you travel a distance of 266 kilometers. You may choose from several coach classes of the Intercity train as well as multiple daily departures.

Irish High-Speed Trains

The modern Irish high-speed train service efficiently links Dublin and Belfast, serving as a pivotal conduit between these two major Irish cities and offering a blend of comfort, speed, and convenience. This is an inter-city train service that spans across borders, ensuring a swift, comfortable, and secure journey between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The modern Irish high-speed trains are all equipped with power sockets, WiFi connection, fully adjustable seats & extra legroom, storage compartments for your luggage, and other amenities.


Commonly Asked Questions About Rail Travel in Ireland

Is train a convenient way to travel in Ireland?

Train travel may not provide a direct connection to each and every point of interest in the country; however, it is a very convenient way to travel around it. Connecting cities all over Ireland, trains provide a safe, fast, and comfortable journey, as well as some scenic views along the way.

What are some scenic routes in Ireland?

Train-travel ensures some undoubtedly scenic views over the rolling hills and quaint towns of Ireland. Some of the most scenic routes include the Dublin to Belfast, Derry to Coleraine, and Dublin to Galway connections. On your way from Dublin to Belfast, you will cross a few picture-perfect viaducts and marvel at the views of Malahide and the countryside of the Armagh County. While going to Coleraine, you will gaze at the sandy Benone Strand and traverse the tunnel underneath the Mussenden Temple and the train-travel to Galway will provide a scenic patch along the Galway Bay and more.

Which is the busiest rail station in Dublin?

The busiest railway station in Dublin is the Connolly station, also known as Stáisiún Uí Chonghaile, which is actually the busiest one in entire Ireland as well. It boasts seven platforms and provides services for different trains. Featuring an authentic facade, the station was opened back in 1844 and is currently used thousands of commuters each day.


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