Those who plan to extensively travel by train will most likely use KiwiRail trains which are among the most popular long-distance trains. What is more, KiwiRail trains offer several train classes to select from, including 1st and 2nd. In the 2nd class, seats are usually placed 2+2 in each row, 1st class generally has seats 2+1. All KiwiRail train cars are air-conditioned, have comfortable seats as well as spacious areas for passengers' luggage. Most trains have a Bistro or Restaurant car where travelers can buy food and drinks during the trip, plus have trolleys with snacks for purchase too. Moreover, the train staff speaks one or two languages, including English.

Travel Classes Onboard KiwiRail Train

  • NZ 1
  • NZ 2

Economy Class Seat

Reclining seats, most facing direction of travel, all lining up with huge panoramic windows - note the roof skylights too!. There's loads of legroom even if you're over six feet tall. Seats recline to about 40 degrees.