What to Know About Norway Train Rides

The Norway train map is quite extensive, with numerous trains linking Norwegian cities and those of neighboring countries. Choosing to travel on Norwegian rail is a great opportunity to take in the views of the gorgeous countryside, fjords, rivers, and the indescribable Scandinavian nature. The trains are safe, well-equipped, run on time, and offer ample luggage space, as well as numerous departure times to choose from.

Overall length of rail tracks in Norway

Overall length of Norway railway tracks: 4087 km

Train types in Norway

Train types in Norway: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell on RailNinja

Norway train routes sold on Rail Ninja: 22

Fastest train speed in Norway

Fastest train speed of Norway trains: 220 km/h


Norway Rail Travel

Flamsbana: Norway scenic train

Speaking of picturesque Norway train travel, the route from Flam to Myrdal and back on a Flamsbana train is simply unmissable.

This Norwegian train is known all around the globe for its stunning vistas of fjords, waterfalls and the charming countryside. The duration of such a ride is about 1 hour and the train has very simple seats, yet the views are what makes it so truly special.

Regular Norway trains

The regular VY trains (formerly NSB) are operated by Norwegian State Railways and connect major cities, including Oslo, Bergen and Voss.

This Norway train has several coach classes to select from, offering high-comfort seats and modern onboard amenities.

Norway high-speed trains

The fastest train on Scandinavian rail as well as in Norway in particular is the high-speed SJ train

This quick and modern bullet train runs on international rail routes from the Norwegian capital, Oslo, to such Swedish cities as Stockholm and Gothenburg.


Tips on Norway Train Travel


How large is Norway's rail transport network?

The Norway train system is not as large as in Sweden or Finland, yet provides good connections of many main cities of the country as well as a wide choice of the popular international Norway train routes. Train travel in Norway is a popular mode of transportation, chosen for comfort, on-schedule departures and arrivals, and, of course, for the impeccable views. On this page, you can view a map of popular Norway train routes.

Reservations for trains in Norway: what to know?

It doesn't matter whether you plan to travel on one of the popular domestic routes in Norway or an international one, the general rule for getting tickets for your planned Norway train trip is the earlier you do so, the better. This way you can safeguard yourself from little or no availability (especially in the high travel season), get better rates, as well as a broader choice of departure times, and seats. On Rail Ninja, you can book Norway train tickets for departures as far as 2 years in advance.

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