Experience New Adventures With Poland Railway

Poland railway system is well-developed and presents a modern and comfortable service. Besides local lines, it also serves international destinations including the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden, Belarus, Lithuania, and other countries. Exploring Poland by train is one of the most comfortable ways to reach your destination in the ultimate comfort and worry-free. All trains are well-equipped and safe, offering pleasant onboard amenities such as ergonomic seats, air-conditioning in all cars, WCs, and individual sockets. All this promises a great comfortable travel experience while you watch amazing Poland scenery from your train window.

Overall length of railways in Poland

Overall length of railways in Poland: 18,510 km/11,500 mi

Types of Poland trains

Types of Poland trains: high-speed, night & regular

Number of Poland high-speed routes sold on Rail Ninja

Number of Poland high-speed routes sold on Rail Ninja: 10+

Fastest train of Poland high-speed rail

Fastest train of Poland high-speed rail: 291 kmh/181 mph


Top Choices for Poland Train Travel

EuroCity High-Speed Train

If you’re planning to discover Europe, there’s no better way than do it by train. EuroCity bullet trains are a popular long-distance service running between Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, and many other European countries. Operated by Deutsche Bahn, EuroCity trains have several train classes and many amazing onboard amenities, including air-conditioned cars, cozy seats, and big space for your luggage.

PKP InterCity Train

PKP brand operates up-to-date and safe trains, that serve domestic as well as international routes to Ukraine, Austria, Belarus, Germany, and many others. To provide passengers with a comfortable experience, all trains have comfortable seats, air-conditioning cars, WCs, and electric sockets. PKP trains care about everybody’s comfort providing accessible modern carriages to people with disabilities, passengers traveling with small children, or bicycles.

EuroNight Train

EuroNight is an addition to OBB's Nightjet, which was made in collaboration with OBB's European partners. This further night train throughout Europe is a comfortable way to explore European countries. Operated by partner railways (Croatian Railway HZ, Czech Railway CD, Hungarian Railway MAV, Polish Railway PKP), EuroNight train provides the ultimate travel experience. Besides standard onboard amenities, a trip on EuroNight train always includes breakfast.

Pendolino Train

One of the best Italian trains, Pendolino is a modern railway transport that runs both local destinations and beyond Italy. With the tilting technology, well-equipped trains smoothly pass all parts of routes keeping the same speed. Operated by Alstom Ferroviaria, these express trains reach speeds up to 250 km/h (217 mph) providing wonderful onboard service. To make your train trip ultimately perfect, Pendolino train coaches welcome you to enjoy comfortable seats, in-seat power outlets, information monitors, and WiFi.

Express InterCity Train

Boasting well-equipped cars, comfortable Express InterCity trains run on Polish tracks. Passengers can enjoy a range of amazing facilities, including Comfort Zone, which enhances your level of travel comfort. You can choose between a non-compartment car and a compartment car and relax in cozy armchairs. All of this makes Express InterCity trains a perfect choice for a demanding passenger traveling long as well as short distances. Additionally, Express InterCity trains provide cars with facilities for disabled people and places for bikes or skis.



Commonly Asked Questions About Rail Travel in Poland

How do I book train tickets in Poland?

Thanks to modern technologies, the easiest way is to book a train in Poland online. Rail Ninja is a great booking service where you can book the best train tickets for almost every country around the world. Just type the name of the departure station and arrival station on the main page, choose the train that suits you best, and follow the instructions.

What is the fastest train in Poland?

Express InterCity Premium trains (EIP), also called Pendolino trains, operated by PKP, reaches a speed of 291 km/h (181 mph). This is a record after the 19-year record of 250.1 km/h (155 mph). This train serves Warsaw - Krakow and Warsaw - Gdansk routes, as well as the reverse ones.

Do Polish trains have WiFi?

Yes, some Polish trains meet modern-world standards and offer free Wi-Fi connection together with other great onboard amenities such as comfortable seats, big luggage space, a full-service restaurant car, and a buffet car.


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