Located in western Europe, Belgium boasts an extensive rail network. The history of the Belgium railway started in 1835 when the first railroad on the continental part of Europe between Brussels and Groendreef was opened. Eventually, the Belgium train network has grown and developed a lot in order to meet the high demand of thousands of travelers. Today, the rail network in Belgium is run by the National Society of Belgium Railways (SNCB), connecting the main cities in the country. Apart from the national operator, other high-speed trains run in Belgium including such popular ones as Eurostar, Thalys, TGV, InterCity, among others, mainly engaged in international connections.

Overall length of rail tracks in Belgium

Overall length of rail tracks in Belgium: 3607 km

Types of trains in Belgium

Types of trains in Belgium: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of Belgian routes sold on Rail Ninja: 10+

Fastest train speed in Belgium

Fastest train speed of Belgian trains: 230 km/h


Top Choices for Belgian Train Travel

Thalys High-Speed Train

Providing fast and safe connections between numerous European destinations, the modern high-speed train Thalys is one of the most efficient ways to travel between Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. Reaching the speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), Thalys offers Standard, Comfort, and Premium classes with WiFi, power sockets, air-conditioning, comfortable seats and plenty of luggage storage space.

Eurostar High-Speed Train

Heading to London, Amsterdam or Lille? Take the fast and modern Eurostar train which has become a nice time-saving alternative to flights. Traveling at the speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), Eurostar offers 3 travel classes, a restaurant car, free WiFi, individual sockets and generous space for your luggage. Relax and enjoy the scenic views of the European countryside from the panoramic windows, taking advantage of the journey at a high speed.

TGV High-Speed Train

Eager to set off on a journey from Belgium to France? Opt for the bullet TGV trains operating between Brussels and Paris. Being a nice combination of speed, safety, and high-comfort, TGV trains provide a wonderful travel experience due to a wide range of modern amenities and top-notch service. Thus, TGV trains are equipped with spacious seats, free WiFi, power sockets, a buffet car, and a nursery area for small children.


Commonly Asked Questions About Belgian Rail Travel

How to travel by train in Belgium?

Choosing rail is the most efficient way of getting from point A to point B as the country boasts a developed train network covering both domestic and international routes. In order to buy train tickets for trains in Belgium, consider using the trusted and user-friendly online platform Rail Ninja on which you can not only book your Belgium train tickets as far as 2 years in advance but also find useful information about the trains, their timetables, and travel classes to select from.

How many train stations are in Belgium?

Practically every Belgian city has one or several train stations. The average number of railroad stations is around 30. The capital city of Belgium, Brussels has 3 train stations (Brussels Nord, Brussels Centrale, and Brussels Midi) located in different parts of the city, so make sure to find out exactly from which station you depart / to which station you arrive to beforehand in order to avoid confusion.

Can you drink on the train in Belgium?

Taking drinks onboard Belgium trains is not forbidden. Moreover, many Belgium trains have a buffet car where you can purchase beverages and snacks on the go. It is actually allowed to bring alcoholic drinks onboard Belgium trains too, but the majority of trains have particular restrictions, allowing passengers to bring only one bottle of wine or a couple of beer cans. The only demand is to respect the norms of etiquette and other travelers, maintaining a pleasant environment onboard.


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