Bratislava train stations
Hlavna Stanica
Námestie Franza Liszta, 811 04 Staré Mesto, Bratislava, Slovakia
851 01 Petržalka, Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia
203 km
Zilina train station
Zeleznicna stanica Zilina
P. O. Hviezdoslava, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia, Zilina, Slovakia

Bratislava to Zilina Train Information

Among the top choices for traveling from Bratislava to Zilina is taking a fast and modern train. All high-speed trains running between the cities were designed to offer the passengers everything they might need for a pleasant journey, including several travel classes to choose from, fast travel times (the journey takes about 2 hours), and an extensive timetable with up to 1 daily departure. Fantastic onboard amenities are also at your service during the ride. The trains from Bratislava to Zilina boast light and spacious carriages, equipped with cushy seats and offering plenty of legroom and generous luggage space. Big panoramic windows are perfect for admiring the spectacular views along the way. Another reason to opt for a train ride from Bratislava to Zilina is that the train stations are located close to the city centers and are conveniently accessible by public transport, making it very easy to get around.