Overall length of rail tracks in South Korea

Overall length of South Korea railways: 3 668 km

Types of trains in South Korea

Types of South Korea trains: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of South Korea KTX routes sold on Rail.Ninja: 35+

Fastest train speed in South Korea

Fastest train of South Korea high speed rail: 305 km/h


South Korea is among the most modern and technologically developed countries in entire Asia and the world, thus it's no surprise that the high-speed Korea rail map is very extensive and convenient for travelers. Apart from the local metro system, the country's fast KTX trains are a favored transportation choice for connections from the capital Seoul to other destinations such as Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, among others.


Popular Korail Trains

High speed trains Korea

The high-speed KTX train Korea is among the most fast and efficient modes of travel between different South Korean cities located all across the country. Such trains are considered first-class and are the best ones in South Korea.

The KTX train, short for Korea train express, has proven itself to be a modern and high-comfort means of transportation which is safe, clean, on-time, not to mention boasts an extensive schedule with numerous daily departure times in the KTX timetable to select from.



Map of Popular Korean Train Routes