Overall length of rail tracks in South Korea

Overall length of South Korea railways: 3 668 km

Types of trains in South Korea

Types of South Korea trains: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of South Korea KTX routes sold on Rail.Ninja: 35+

Fastest train speed in South Korea

Fastest train of South Korea high speed rail: 305 km/h


South Korea is among the most modern and technologically developed countries in entire Asia and the world, thus it's no surprise that the high-speed Korea rail map is very extensive and convenient for travelers. Apart from the local metro system, the country's fast KTX trains are a favored transportation choice for connections from the capital Seoul to other destinations such as Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, among others.


Popular Korail Trains

High speed trains Korea

The high-speed KTX train Korea is among the most fast and efficient modes of travel between different South Korean cities located all across the country. Such trains are considered first-class and are the best ones in South Korea.

The KTX train, short for Korea train express, has proven itself to be a modern and high-comfort means of transportation which is safe, clean, on-time, not to mention boasts an extensive schedule with numerous daily departure times in the KTX timetable to select from.



Map of Popular Korean Train Routes



Popular Domestic KTX Routes in South Korea

Route distance
Travel distance
417 km (259 mi)
310 km (192 mi)
160 km (99 mi)
356 km (221 mi)
Train trip duration
Travel time
2 hrs 15 min
1 hrs 34 min
50 min
2 hrs 31 min
Number of daily departures
Daily departures
47 trains per route
18 trains per route
57 trains per route
4 trains per route
382 km (237 mi)
386 km (240 mi)
445 km (276 mi)
41 km (25 mi)
2 hrs 53 min
2 hrs 19 min
3 hrs 16 min
30 min
4 trains per route
13 trains per route
5 trains per route
4 trains per route
160 km (99 mi)
229 km (142 mi)
237 km (147 mi)
357 km (221 mi)
1 hrs 30 min
1 hrs 52 min
1 hrs 35 min
1 hrs 45 min
6 trains per route
10 trains per route
4 trains per route
8 trains per route
96 km (59 mi)
31 km (19 mi)
404 km (251 mi)
371 km (230 mi)
382 km (237 mi)
33 min
14 min
2 hrs 12 min
2 hrs 24 min
2 hrs 49 min
19 trains per route
19 trains per route
18 trains per route
8 trains per route
6 trains per route


Tips on train travel in South Korea


Is the KTX bullet train adapted for English speakers?

If you are planning long-distance travel on a bullet train South Korea, you will find that most signs have needed information written not only in Korean but also in English. Plus, in case of doubt, you may always turn for help to workers at the stations' information desks as well as the train staff, who generally speak English.

Types of Korea Trains: what to know?

On the whole, there are several types of trains running in South Korea. The most modern and fast ones are the high-speed KTX bullet trains, there are also Saemaeul regular trains, and the Mugunghwa passenger trains which are often referred to as the metro.

Types of Korea Tickets

If you are planning to travel on regular local passenger trains (Saemaeul or the metro-like train called Mugunghwa) you may purchase cheaper standing-room tickets or those with assigned seats. However, for travel on high-speed KTX trains there are 2nd and 1st class ticket options with the latter offering more spacious seats. The general rule for buying KTX train tickets is the earlier you get them, the better, here on Rail Ninja you can book your South Korea KTX tickets for departures that are as far as 2 years in advance.

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