hannover train station
Ernst-August-Platz 1 30159, Hanover, Germany
485 km
There are several rail hubs in charming Copenhagen. Check out the links below, to learn more useful information about train stations in Copenhagen.
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Copenhagen train stations
Copenhagen Central Station
Bernstorffsgade 16 - 22, 1577, Copenhagen, Denmark
Port of Copenhagen
DFDS Copenhagen Terminal, Dampfærgevej 30, 2100, Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen Ingerslevsgade
Ingerslevsgade, 1704 København V, Denmark

hannover to Copenhagen Train Information

Choosing in favor of trains during your European getaway is a wise decision as traveling by train provides a nice opportunity to discover the country from a local point of view. In case you plan a train trip from fairytale Copenhagen to the main city of Germany's Lower Saxony, Hanover, you should know that this connection is possible only with a train change in Hamburg. The ticket prices and travel time between Hanover and Copenhagen usually depend on the daytime and type of train you choose. Consult the detailed Hanover - Copenhagen train schedule and book your train tickets with Rail Ninja.

Hanover to Copenhagen Train Review & Rating

The train had everything for a comfortable ride

Christopher L. about traveling from Hanover to Copenhagen