Hendaye train station
Hendaye Central
Boulevard du Général de Gaulle, 64700, Hendaye, France
125 km
Bilbao train station
Bilbao railway station
48003 , Bilbao , Spain

Hendaye to Bilbao Train Information

Traveling by modern European trains is always a memorable experience, especially if you choose such picturesque route as the one from the coastal French hub, Hendaye, to the artistic Basque Country city, Bilbao. Although a train ride from Hendaye to Bilbao is possible only with a train change in San Sebastian, the journey itself usually takes no more than 4.5 hours. The travel time on a train just flies as you can take advantage of the top-notch onboard amenities as well as marvel at the gorgeous mountain and coastal landscapes passing by the window.

Hendaye to Bilbao Train Review & Rating

The trains were very clean and comfortable

Stanley N. about traveling from Hendaye to Bilbao