Lausanne train station
Lausanne railway station
Place de la Gare 5A, 1003, Lausanne, Switzerland
559 km
Paris train stations
Gare de Lyon
Place Louis-Armand, 75571, Paris, France
18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010, Paris , France
Place du 11 Novembre 1918, Rue du 8 Mai 1945, 75010, Paris, France
17 Boulevard de Vaugirard, 75741, Paris, France

Lausanne to Paris Train Information

Can you think of a more comfortable way to travel that a scenic train ride? No? We can't either. Nothing can beat the feeling of traveling by train and the feeling of adventure it brings. So if your travel plans feature both Switzerland's Lausanne, a scenic city on Lake Geneva, and French Paris, the city of romance and the best wines, don't hesitate to travel between them onboard a fast and modern train. All Lausanne - Paris trains are very well-equipped, providing everything you need for a comfortable ride, including cushy seats, plenty of legroom, and big windows, perfect for admiring the spectacular views.

Lausanne to Paris Train Review & Rating

The time just flew by, highly recommend this connection.

Tyler about traveling from Lausanne to Paris