18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010, Paris , France

Built from 1861 to 1865 on the site of the old station, Gare du Nord (Paris-Nord) represents a majestic neoclassical structure, boasting a fancy decorated facade with 23 statues. Being the largest rail station in the French capital, Paris-Nord provides a wide network of rail connections, both domestic and international, operated by high-speed trains like Eurostar, Thalys and TGV, as well as regional and intercity trains. Gare du Nord is deservedly considered one of the busiest rail stations in Europe as its annual passenger turnover reaches almost 222 million people. Moreover, Gare du Nord has served as a background for several French and Hollywood movies!

A Quick Insight into the Gare Du Nord Station

The Gare du Nord is the most important train terminal in France. Have a quick look inside and out of this beautiful and, most significantly, functional railway station to have a better understanding of what to find and how to navigate inside it.



Getting Around the Gare du Nord Railway Station


Where is the Gare du Nord train station located?

The station has a convenient location in the 10th arrondissement district of Paris. Gare du Nord's surroundings provide great infrastructure, so you'll have no problem catching public transport or finding a cafe for eating out. Plus, the station is easily accessible by public transport, thus you can reach it by Paris metro using lines 4 and 5.

How to get from Gare du Nord to the Paris airport, Charles de Gaulle?

There's a regular connection between the Paris-Nord train station and the Charles de Gaulle airport, running every 15 minutes along the Line B.

What facilities to find on the Paris-Nord rail station?

The Gare du Nord train station is equipped with everything a traveler may need for a nice travel experience. The station has comfortable lounges, tourist information points, WiFi, currency exchange and ATMs, phone cabins. Moreover, the station has car parking for the travelers' convenience.

Does Gare du Nord have luggage storage?

Yes, the station has luggage storage located on the ground floor, opposite Platform 3. The left-luggage service operates from 6:15 a.m. to 11:15 p.m. daily. You can leave your luggage for 24 hours maximum.

Are there hotels near Gare du Nord train station?

In case you need to change trains and plan an overnight not far from the Gare du Nord station, there is a nice variety of hotels within walking distance such as the Avalon Hotel, Mercure Terminus Hotel, among others.


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