354 km
Departure station:
Bayerstraße 10A, 80335, Munich, Germany
Arrival station:
Bahnhofplatz 7, 8001, Zurich, Switzerland
Brand name
Train type
Travel time
Price from
Express train
4 hrs 44 min

Taking a train from Germany's Bavaria region gem, Munich, to the glorious Swiss city of Zurich is a great way to highlight your experience abroad. Modern and fast trains connect the two cities, passing numerous beautiful rural areas and small towns along the way. Apart from great modern onboard amenities and the fast travel speed of the trains, the Munich - Zurich train schedule offers numerous daily departures to select from, making travel between the two countries even easier.


Is there a direct train from Munich to Zurich?

Yes, there is a direct train, running between these amazing cities. The Munich to Zurich distance is 354 km (220 mi), and a well-equipped EuroCity train can cover it in a matter of several hours, providing everything you need for a comfortable ride.

How to get from Munich to Zurich by train?

To catch the train, you need to go to the main Munich Hauptbahnhof Station that’s set in the city center and is easily accessible by public transport. All EuroCity trains are famous for their punctuality and provide up to 3 daily departures on this route, so there shouldn’t be any problems with choosing a train that works for your schedule. The overall Munich to Zurich train time is approximately 4 and a half hours, and all trains offer great onboard amenities, so you won’t have a chance to get tired of the journey.

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Shortest travel time:
4 hrs 44 min
Longest travel time:
4 hrs 45 min
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Munich to Zurich Train Review & Rating

The Deutsche Bahn train we took was super fast

Courtney U. about traveling from Munich to Zurich