Targu Mures
449 km

Targu Mures to Bucharest Train Information

If you need to travel between the amazing cities of Targu Mures and Bucharest, taking a train is one of your best options. A car ride may be faster, but traveling by train is way more comfortable and the fuel you need for the ride costs approximately the same as a ticket for a train from Targu Mures to Bucharest. Another reason to opt for the Targu Mures - Bucharest railway is that there is no direct plane connection between the cities. A Romanian train, in its turn, offers everything you need for a stress-free ride as well as the beautiful views outside the train window on the way to spectacular Bucharest.

Targu Mures to Bucharest Train Review & Rating

My wife and I had a great trip, thanks Rail Ninja.

Anjelo S. about traveling from Targu Mures to Bucharest