Vigo train stations
Guixar station
36201, Vigo, Spain
Urzaiz station
C/ Plaza de la Estación 6201- Pontevedra, Vigo, Spain
172 km
Porto train stations
Campanha station
R. Pinheiro de Campanhã, 4300-173, Porto, Portugal
Vila Nova de Gaia-Devesas
Largo 5 de Outubro, 4400-089, Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal

Vigo to Porto Train Information

Choose train travel for your upcoming trip from Vigo in Spain to the picture-perfect Porto in Portugal. With direct connections between the two cities and a few daily departures for your convenience, it is undoubtedly one of the best time-saving options of traveling. Relax and enjoy the views through your window, as you sit back on the comfortable train, equipped with all the necessary amenities, such as Wi-Fi access, electric sockets, plenty of legroom, and storage compartments for your belongings. Using Rail Ninja, you can find more information on the route, the timetable, and purchase your Vigo to Porto train tickets.