R. Pinheiro de Campanhã, 4300-173, Porto, Portugal

The Porto train station Campanha was built in the 19th century and is set in the picturesque surroundings in the Porto neighborhood. Campanha is the main station from where all CP (Comboios de Portugal) services operate, including the famous high-speed train Alfa Pendular as well as the majority of suburban and international trains. The station's building is actually reminiscent of an elegant mansion, but despite its relatively modest size, Campanha is considered the central station in Porto.



Porto's Campanha Railway Station Overview


How can I get to the Campanha rail station?

Though Campanha is not located in the city center, the station is easily accessible by metro and buses. In case you opt for going by Porto subway, exit at the Campanha metro station on the lines A, B, C, F. You may also reach the station by buses 205 and 207.

Is the Campanha station well-equipped?

Yes, this station is functional and designed to provide comfort for passengers during their trips. Thus, Campanha provides basic amenities such as elevators and escalators to the platforms, waiting rooms, vending machines, luggage storage facilities, underground parking, a cafe to grab some snacks and drinks, WC.


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