What to Know About Railways in Serbia

Taking a train on Serbia railway is a great opportunity to explore this outstanding destination. Rail network is well-developed and makes it easy to get from one side of the country to another in a fast and safely manner. The majority of trains running are modern and provide excellent facilities, including spacious comfortable seats, restaurant car, free WiFi and many more. The major Serbia train station is located in the very heart of its capital. This important railway station is easily reached by public transport, making train travel in Serbia even more convenient. To have a better understanding of the railway system, see a map of popular Serbia train routes below and start planning.
Overall length of rail tracks in Serbia

Overall length of Serbian railways: 3,800 km

Types of trains in Serbia

Types of trains in Serbia: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of Serbian routes sold on Rail Ninja: 4

Fastest train speed in Serbia

Fastest train speed of Serbian trains: 200 km/h


Serbian Train System

Serbian high-speed trains

The most well-known of the bullet trains in Serbia is the "Beovoz", which connects Belgrade with its surrounding suburbs and towns at high speeds.

In Serbia, the state-operated high-speed train, known as "Srbija Voz", efficiently connects major cities and smaller towns. Popular domestic routes include connections to Novi Sad, Niš, Subotica, Kragujevac, and many more.

Serbia Rail Map