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Despite its small territorial size, Slovakia has some aces in its sleeve to amaze you. Stunning natural landscapes perfectly come together with the Slovakia train journey. Besides, it is a good opportunity to get in contact with the natives. Having an extensive railway network, you can easily reach all major Slovakian cities and smaller towns. All trains are modern, safe, and comfortable, offering a pleasant travel experience. If you’re planning on exploring great Slovakia, we recommend you do it by train - this way you’ll see the country at its best in full comfort.

Overall length of rail tracks in Slovakia

Overall length of rail tracks in Slovakia: 3,626 km/2,253 mi

Types of trains in Slovakia

Types of trains in Slovakia: regular, high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of Slovakia routes sold on Rail Ninja: 5+

Fastest train speed in Slovakia

Fastest train speed of Slovakia trains: 230 kmh/143 mph


Top Choices for Slovakia Train Travel

EuroCity High-Speed Train

Looking for a comfortable long-distance train service? The EuroCity bullet train is your choice. Serving international routes to European countries like Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Denmark, the train offers a few travel classes and includes air-conditioning, comfortable seats with generous legroom, and spacious luggage areas.

RegioJet Train

RegioJet trains have a wide network of both domestic and international connections. Taking RegioJet is a great opportunity to discover Slovakia and its beauty of picturesque scenery. During your trip, you can have hot beverages, newspapers and magazines, and absolutely free Wi-Fi. Besides, there are also power sockets and WCs.

OBB Trains

Operated by the Austrian Federal Railways (OBB), OBB trains serve Bratislava to Vienna route in Slovakia, thus connecting it with Austria. You can choose several travel classes with all necessary onboard amenities, including comfortable seats, power outlets, free Wi-Fi, and big areas for your luggage.

Railjet Xpress Train

OBB Railjet Xpress is one of the fastest service trains that connect Austria with bordering countries. With a top speed of 230 km/h (143 mph), it takes only 2 and 4 hours to cover the distance of Munich - Salzburg and Munich - Vienna routes. To ensure travelers' comfort, Railjet Xpress offers 3 coach classes, an onboard restaurant, comfortable seats, bicycle spaces, and free Wi-Fi.

OBB InterCity

Intercity trains, operated by Austrian Federal Railways (OBB), stand in one line with Eurocity and the Railjet in national long-distance travels. The trains offer air-conditioned open cars and compartment cars. Taking care of passengers' preferences, there is a separate ladies compartment for women traveling alone. As well as a breast-feeding compartment and a special compartment for toddlers.



Commonly Asked Questions About Rail Travel in Slovakia

What is the fastest train in Slovakia?

OBB Railjet Xpress train serving on the Bratislava - Vienna route is the fastest train in Slovakia. It is one of the most up-to-date trains in Europe, which is capable of reaching speed up to 230 km/hr (143 mph).

Can I book Slovakia train tickets in advance?

Of course! Say thanks to modern-world technologies. Today, you can book the best Slovakia train tickets online just by making a few clicks! Rail Ninja is your option here, this online booking platform allows you to book train tickets in almost any country!

How many train stations are there in Slovakia?

There are about 2 major train stations around the country: Bratislava Main train station and Petržalka railway station that connect Slovakia with other European countries. There are also large number of smaller ones: Devínske Jazero, Devínska Nová Ves, Lamač, Železná studienka, Vinohrady, Rača, Východ, Vajnory, Rusovce, Nové Mesto, Podunajské Biskupice, Vrakuňa, ÚNS and cancelled stations Devínska Nová Ves zastávka, Nivy, Kopčany, Jarovce, Čunovo and Petržalka-Most.


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