Hipodrom Cd., Anafartalar Mah. 06050 , Altındağ, Ankara, Turkey

Without any doubt, Ankara Railway Station is among the biggest and busiest transport hubs in the city. Also known as Ankara Gari, the station boasts an impressive facade, and its building is one of the renowned historical landmarks of the city. It operates six platforms and 13 tracks and services trains running to different parts of Turkey, including Izmir, Kars, Tatvan, and Polatli. Since 2016, the station complex includes a brand new building, Ankara Tren Gari. This new addition operates high-speed trains towards Konya and Istanbul. The old building is connected with ATG via an impressive sky bridge.

Turkish High-Speed Rail Headquarters:

The new complex responsible for high-speed rail is truly impressive. The building itself is a head-turner, 30-meter (98-foot) tall, and boasting eight floors. Inside, you can find a well-developed infrastructure, including a huge shopping mall, a luxurious 5-star hotel, and, of course, everything you need if you are planning to travel by high-speed trains in Turkey. ATG houses separate ticket booths, waiting rooms, and even a high-end VIP lounge. Check out the video below for a quick excursion around the station's main facilities.



What to Know About Ankara Railway Station


Where is Ankara Railway Station located?

The station is set in the heart of the lively Ulus quarter, within a short walk from such incredible sights of the city as Genclik Parki, Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum, and Cermodern Art Gallery.

How to get to Ankara Railway Station?

The station is conveniently set in the heart of Ankara, so you will have no problem reaching it by public transport. We advise taking a metro train. They are fast, frequent, and don't depend on the city's traffic situation. The Maltepe Station is located very close to the Ankara Railway Station, and you can reach it by taking a train running along the A1 line.


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