Next Destination: Beijing South Railway Station

12 Chezhan Road, Fengtai District, Beijing, China

Since its construction in 2008, the Beijing South station belongs to three main passenger train hubs of the city and is one of the largest railway joints in Asia. The complex serves as the terminus for overnight, regular, and bullet trains running on the Beijing - Shanghai and Beijing - Tianjin rail lines. Interestingly, the unique design of the station reflects the circular shape of the iconic Temple of Heaven and represents an organical mix of traditional and contemporary architectural styles. 

Navigation Around Beijing South Railway Station

As Beijing South is one of the busiest railway joints in China, it was designed to meet modern standards. Find out more about the in-house amenities and peculiarities of the train travel from the Beijing South Railway by watching the video guide below.



What to Know About the Beijing South Railway Station


How to get to the Beijing South railway station?

The complex is well connected to the local public transport system, so you can quickly get there via bus or subway (Lines 4 and 14). If you are wondering how to reach the Beijing South station from the airport, you can take a Capital Airport shuttle bus following line 10.

What to find on the Beijing South train station?

Inside the building, you can find all the amenities needed for a comfortable journey like service desk, ticket office, bathrooms, waiting areas as well as cell phone charging stations.

Does the Beijing South station have lockers?

Speaking about the Beijing South station luggage storage, you can leave your stuff in the safe lockers for a small service charge. Please note that the price depends on the size of the bag and the storage time.


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