Bulevardul Gării 1A, Brasov, Romania
The charming city of Brasov is a popular travel destination in Romania, as it houses one of the most famous sights of the country, the mysterious castle of Count Dracula. And one of the smartest ways to travel to the city is by a fast and modern train that arrives at the main Brasov train station, located in the city center. The railway station serves 3 main train lines (to Curtici, Episcopia Bihor, and Satu Mare) and boasts 4 platforms and 7 lines. The railway hub is very well-equipped and provides all the necessary facilities for a worry-free journey.



Getting Around Brasov Railway Station


Where is the station located in Brasov?

It is located in the city center of Brasov at Bulevardul Garii 1A. It's very easy to reach it by public transport, as there is a bus/trolleybus stop, located nearby. You can reach Brasov Railway Station by taking a trolleybus 7 or buses 4, 23, 23B, 25, 29, 32, 35, 40, 17B, 37, 51, and 34B.


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