690 02 Breclav, Czechia, Czechia
Breclav is a charming town located in the south of the Moravian region, very close to Croatia's borders with Austria and Slovakia. It opened its door in 1839 and was a part of the first locomotive-hauled railway in Austria-Hungary! The station is electrified, boasts four platforms, and serves five lines, including international routes to Prague, Berlin, Budapest, and Vienna. Breclav train station is well-equipped and provides great service and a wide choice of in-house facilities.



Breclav Train Station Guide


Are there left luggage facilities at the station?

Yes, the station offers a luggage storage service. All travelers are welcome to use it in exchange for a small fee.

Is there a waiting area at Breclav rail station?

Sure, the station houses a nice waiting area. It's spacious and well-equipped, everyone who wants to comfortably wait for their train to arrive is welcome to use it.


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