Dongjeong-dong, Changwon, South Korea
Changwon railway station is located in Changwon, southeast South Korea. Constructed in a little bit more than a year, Changwon station is considered to be architecturally significant building. The facade of the station is convex, curved, and covered with glass which fashions the building to modern standards. The equipment of the station is up-to-date as well, you can find there automatic ticket vending machines, elevators, escalators, vending and waiting areas. Changwon train station serves Seoul, Suncheon, Masan, Daejeon, Dongdaegu, and Bujeon destinations via KTX, Saemaeul-ho, and Mugunghwa-ho trains operated by KORAIL.



Getting Around Changwon Railway Station


Can I get to Seoul from Changwon train station?

Yes, you can travel directly to Seoul from Changwon station taking KTX-I or KTX-II trains. The whole journey will be without any transfers or connections and will take approximately 3 hours.


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