Baebang-eup, Cheonan, South Korea

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About Korea Trains
The city of Asan houses two railway stations with quite similar names - Asan and Cheonan-Asan train stations. But don't worry - both railway hubs are set very close to each other, so even if you mix them up, you still will have pretty good chances to catch your train. Cheonan - Asan is located almost on the border between the cities that gave the station its name, and it's served exclusively by high-speed trains. It boasts two platforms and four lines: railway lines 1 and 2 are reserved for trains heading to/from Seoul, while lines 3 and 4 are operating trains running to Busan and Mokpo.



What to Know About Cheonan–Asan Rail Station


What amenities are available at the station?

Cheonan–Asan railway station is very well-equipped and offers a wide range of facilities to enjoy during your visit. For example, the station boasts comfortable and spacious waiting rooms, a charging point, ATM, and luggage storage facilities. There is a wide range of eateries located in the station's building, including a couple of cozy restaurants and an amazing bakery. There are several parking lots right outside the station, and all travelers are welcome to take advantage of them in exchange for a small fee. And, unexpectedly, there is even a wedding venue available at the station!

How to get to Cheonan–Asan station?

Although the station is not located in the city center, Asan's public transport system is very advanced, and you won't have any trouble reaching the station. We advise you to get there by metro, as the Cheonan-Asan is connected to the subway station at Line 1, operated by Seoul Subway.


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