Strada Căii Ferate, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Located not far from the city center, Cluj-Napoca is the main train station in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Operating almost 150 years, the station serves Căile Ferate Române Line 300, which connects Cluj-Napoca with the majority of Romanian cities, as well as the capital of Romania, Bucharest, with the Hungarian border near Oradea. Cluj-Napoca station is quite up-to-date and equipped with parking, ticket offices, WCs, ATMs, post office, waiting areas, and various shops with refreshments. If you’re in need of something while waiting for your train, conveniently, there is a supermarket right in front of the station.



Getting Around Cluj-Napoca Railway Station


How to get to the Cluj-Napoca station?

You can get to the station either by bus (9, 22, 17, 32B, 35, 47B; get off at “Piata Garii” stop), trolleybus (3,4; get off at “Piata Garii” stop) or taxi.


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