Coimbra-B, Coimbra, Portugal

Coimbra-B station is the principal railway station for high-speed trains on the main line between Lisbon and Porto. The station serves only long-distance high-speed trains but it is conveniently connected to the main central station, Coimbra-A, which serves other trains. For your comfort, all tickets from Coimbra-B station include a free 5-minute train ride to Coimbra-A station. It is a nice little addition if you need to find your way to the city center. Interestingly, if you are at Coimbra-B station, there is a good O Telheiro restaurant just before the station across the parking lot. The restaurant enjoys popularity and is quite cheap offering different cuisines including Portuguese. One more reason to stop at Coimbra-B train station.



Getting Around Coimbra-B Railway Station


What is the difference between Coimbra-A and Coimbra-B railway stations?

Coimbra-B is the station for high-speed trains featuring the direct train from Lisbon to Porto. And Coimbra-A station is in the city center, it serves all other trains including local trains.


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