302-155 Chilseong 2(i)-ga, Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea

Nestled right in the heart of the amazing city, the Daegu train station is everything you would expect a modern train station to be and more. It serves the Gyeongbu railway line and has 3 platforms and 5 tracks. This major rail hub provides everything you need for a comfortable stay (including an excellent food court) and houses a Lotte Department Store where you can buy all necessary supplies for your upcoming trip. A great location of the station complex allows convenient access to the downtown and makes it easily reachable by public transport (the station of Daegu also serves as a metro station for the Daegu Metro Line 1).



What to Know About the Daegu Railway Station


Where is the Daegu Station train station located?

As mentioned above, the station is conveniently located right in the city center, not far from the Suomun Market and the scenic Dalseong Park.


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