Piazza Santa Maria Novella, 50123 , Florence, Italy

Opened to the public on February 3, 1848, scenic Santa Maria Novella in Florence, (also known as "Firenze SMN"), is a beautiful example of the 1930's modernism as well as one of the busiest railway stations in Italy, annually welcoming over 59 million people. Interestingly, at first, its name was "Maria Antonia", honoring Princess Maria Antonia of the Two Sicilies but after the unification of Italy, the station was renamed after the gorgeous Santa Maria Church, located right across the railway station.

Navigating at the Santa Maria Train Station

The beautiful Santa Maria railway station is located at the northern end of the Direttissima (high-speed rail line from Florence to Rome), the southern end of the Bologna - Florence railway line, and is part of the high-speed rail line to Bologna, opened 10 years ago. To top it all, Firenze SMN serves dozens of regional trains on a daily basis. As you can imagine, not getting lost at the station may appear to be quite a challenge so it's better to come prepared. To know what to expect when you enter the station complex, you can watch a short video below.



What to Know About Florence's SMN Station


Where is the Firenze SMN rail station located?

The Santa Maria station is nestled right in the heart of unforgettable Florence on the Piazza della Stazione right across from the 15th-century Santa Maria Novella Basilica.

What can I find at the station?

Santa Maria Novella is very modern and well-equipped, it boasts a large number of facilities onsite, including the ticket and tourism offices, restrooms as well as a passenger lounge, post office, currency exchange point, pharmacy, and a bank.

Is there any Santa Maria Novella luggage storage facility?

Yes, visitors are welcome to use the Firenze SMN luggage storage, located near platform 16 on the station's main level.

Does Florence's SMN train station have a first-class lounge?

Travelers who obtain a Gold/Platinum CartaFreccia card or an Executive/AV Salottino ticket are welcome to take advantage of the Sala Freccia Club, located on the main level of the station. Apart from that, Italo passengers are welcome to enjoy the Casa Italo lounge, located on the main level as well. Both of them offer excellent facilities and a wide range of services for travelers.

Is there a direct train from the Santa Maria Novella railway station to Florence airport?

Unfortunately, there is no direct train from Florence's SMN train station to the airport, but it's possible to take a bus, going between the airport and the rail station every half an hour.


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