5743 Flam, Flam, Norway

The Flam train station, opened in 1940, marks the terminus of the famous Flam line, often referred to as the famous Flamsbana railway. The railroad, originally built to transfer passengers between the ferries operating on Sognefjord and the trains of the Bergen line, is now considered one of the most scenic rail routes on the planet. Being one of the hallmark Norway’s tourist attractions, the Flamsbana railway experiences a passenger turnover of around half a million travelers annually!

Video Guide of the Flam Station and Flamsbana Railway

Experince an impressive journey along the stunning Flamsbana Railway with a final destination in the charming village of Flam. Watch the video and find out what the Flam station looks like from the outside.



Getting Around the Flam Railway Station


How long is the train ride from Oslo to Flam?

In case you plan a rail trip from fascinating Norway’s capital, Oslo to breathtaking Flam, be prepared for a scenic ride which takes approximately 6 hours. The journey from Oslo to Flam includes one train change in Myrdal, followed by a fantastic ride along the legendary Flamsbana Railway among majestic fjords, snow-capped mountains, and untouched forests.

Where does the Flam Railway go?

The Flam railroad is a 20-km (12.5 miles) railway that connects Myrdal and Flam. As a branch line of the Bergen train line, Flamsbana connects the mainline with a tiny village of Flam, a gateway to the largest Norway fjord, Sognefjord.


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