411 03, Goteborg, Sweden

The Goteborg Nils Ericsonterminal is a major bus terminus in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is located in the city center right next to Gothenburg Central Station and near the main Nordstan shopping center. The terminal provides many bus companies, including Bus4You, Flixbus, Nettbuss Express, Eurolines, and others. Connecting local cities and neighboring countries, it offers routes to Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. Travelers often choose a bus traveling way for its modern system, easy access, and excellent facilities.



Getting Around Gothenburg Nils Ericson Terminal


How many gates does Nils Ericson Terminal have?

The Nils Ericson Terminal boasts a modern system where busses arrive at gates. There are 18 gates indoors, which are numbered 21-38, and 11 gates outdoors numbered 39-49.

Is there a direct bus between Gothenburg Airport (GOT) and Nils Ericson Terminal?

Yes, a direct bus is available from Landvetterhotellet to Nils Ericson Terminal. Bus departs every 15 minutes every day and takes about 30 minutes of driving.


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