Kwangju, Buk-gu, Jungheung-dong, 611, Gwangju, South Korea
Gwangju Station is located in Gwangju, South Korea. The station’s doors were opened in 1922 but in 2004 it was moved to its current location in 1969. Operated by Korail, the station is a terminus for Gwangju Line and running the Mugunghwa-ho and Saemaeul-ho and high-speed travel services. As all modern train stations, Gwangju Station boasts ticket offices, informational desks, WCs, spacious waiting areas, ATMs, a tourist information center, different shops, and luggage lockers. From the station, trains depart to and arrive from Seoul Yongsan Station, Mokpo Station, Daejeon Station, and Suncheon Station.



Getting Around Gwangju Railway Station


What is Gwangju Station’s address?

The station is located at 611 Jungheung Dong, Buk Gu, Gwangju.


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