445 Sec 2 Zhonghua Rd East District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Hsinchu Station is a central station on the West Coastline and the western terminus of the Neiwan line in Hsinchu city. Built in 1913, the beautiful Hsinchu railway station houses exciting architecture. Featuring Baroque style with stone structure among pillars and corners, the Hsinchu train station looks attractive! Plus, the station is significant not only because of its architecture but also it is an important transportation hub in Hsinchu. Most trains stop at Hsinchu Station (except Tzu-Chiang Limited Express southbound 133, 143, northbound 138, and a few Taroko Expresses). Also, it's the main station for local trains in Northern Taiwan.



Getting Around Hsinchu Railway Station


Where is Hsinchu railway station located?

Hsinchu Train Station is located in the East District, just a few minutes walking from the Chulien Temple, the Hsinchu City God Temple, and the Railway Art Village.

What to see around Hsinchu railway station?

There are a few tourist attractions around Hsinchu Railway Station. The top 5 are:

  • 1. National Hsinchu Living Arts Center
  • 2. Black Bat Squadron Memorial Hall
  • 3. Hsinchu Performing Arts Center
  • 4. Hsinchu City Art Site of Railway Warehouse
  • 5. Immaculate Heart of Mary Cathedral



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