20301 , Irun, Spain
Opened in 1863, Irun railway station has become one of the main transport hubs in the country. The station has many travel options, including TGV (high-speed trains) and Lunéa (night trains), operated by the SNCF and Alvia. Irun railway station boasts 6 platforms and offers a wide range of in-house facilities, so you can have the best possible travel experience. Located in the city center, it can be reached by public transport without any problems.



Getting Around Irun Railway Station


If the Irun Railway Station has a luggage lockers?

Of course! The Irun Railway Station provides a lot of facilities, including luggage lockers.

Is there parking available at the Irun Railway Station?

Sure, you can find spacious parking near the station's building. Just keep in mind that the service is not free.


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