Dongbu-daero 680, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju, North Jeolla, South Korea

Jeonju railway station is a primary transportation hub of the town, which belongs to Jeolla Line interlinking Seoul and Yeosu. Operated by Korail, the station is also a part of the ITX-Saemaeul and KTX networks. Running at impressive speeds, these modern trains are famous for providing the fastest rail service in South Korea. For the convenience of travelers, the complex is equipped with all needed amenities. Interestingly, the station's exterior design is initially built in the traditional Hanok style noted for its balanced shapes and black-tiled roofs.



Getting Around Jeonju Station


What types of trains serve the Jeonju railway station?

At the station, passengers are welcome to use the service provided by Nuriro, Saemaeul (ITX), Mugungwha, and KTX trains which connect Jeonju with such famous destinations as Seoul, Namwon, Goksung, and Yeosu.

What to find at Jeonju railway station?

Despite its modest size, the station has everything you may need while waiting for your departure, including such handy facilities as a ticket office, waiting room, a convenience store, and luggage lockers.


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