Parnell Street, V94 H2PP, Limerick, Ireland

Providing frequent services from Dublin, Galway, and Cork, the Colbert railway station is the main station in Limerick, conveniently situated nearby the city center. It was opened back in 1858 and currently provides transportation for roughly 2500 passengers each day. Located within a stone's throw away from landmarks, parks, and restaurants in the city, the station houses an on-site coffee shop and a newsagent's.

Colbert railway station, Limerick

For an idea of how your modern and fast train train in Ireland looks like, take a quick look at the trains providing connections to and from the station.



Getting Around Limerick's Colbert Railway Station


How far from the City Center is Colbert railway station?

The Colbert railway station is situated within a short walking distance from the city center and the city's tourist information center is just eight minutes away on foot.

Is there free Wi-Fi at the Colbert railway station?

Yes, free WiFi is available in the station.


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