Manchester's Primary Train Station: Piccadilly

Manchester city centre, City of Manchester, United Kingdom

Operated by Network Rail, the station offers regional as well as cross-border services to such hubs as London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Liverpool, and New Castle. The Piccadilly railway station has 14 platforms which, shockingly, receive around 30 million travelers annually! Apart from being a significant train hub of the city, the station also boasts two Metrolink tram platforms in its undercroft connecting the complex to the local public transport system. What is more, the Piccadilly station witnessed countless historical events of the city, including the legendary industrial revolution.



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If you would like to take a look inside the Manchester Piccadilly complex in advance and find out more about its structure, check out the video tour attached below.



Getting Around the Manchester Piccadilly Train Station


How to get to the Manchester Piccadilly railway station?

The station is well-connected to the local public transport network, including Metrolink trams and buses (lines 216, 217, 231).

What to find on the Machester Piccadilly train station?

Inside the complex, you can find plenty of useful amenities, including ticket offices, toilets, left luggage, car park, cycle storage, waiting rooms, and different shops.

How to get from the Manchester Piccadilly railway station to the airport?

You can easily reach the airport from the Piccadilly station by taking a direct train. There are plenty of daily departures to choose from, so passengers can easily plan their connections. The average duration of the train to the airport ride is about 20 minutes.

Where is the Metrolink station at Machester Piccadilly?

Piccadilly Metrolink stop is located at the basement level of the complex.


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