Spencer Street, Melbourne, Victoria Australia, Australia

Southern Cross railway station (also informally known as Spencer Street station from the previous name) is a major inter-city, regional, and commuter rail station in Docklands, Melbourne. After its modernization and redevelopment in 2006, the station became an example of contemporary architecture and innovative design featuring an undulating roof, a shopping center, a food court, a restaurant, and separate retail outlets inside the station. Exactly then it was renamed from Spencer Street station to Southern Cross station. The redevelopment wasn’t unnoticed and the station has been awarded the Royal Institute of British Architects' Lubetkin Prize as the most outstanding building outside the European Union. Southern Cross has 16 platforms and 22 tracks, as well as bus and tram connections.

The Renovation of the Southern Cross Train Station

In this video, members of Grimshaw Architects explain the thinking behind Melbourne's Lubetkin Prize-winning Southern Cross Station, including the iconic of the dune-like roof which also serves to ventilate the space within.



Getting Around Melbourne's Southern Cross Railway Station


What to find at Southern Cross station?

As any modern railway station, Southern Cross has many standard but necessary facilities such as ATM’s, WC’s, a restaurant, shopping markets, a waiting room, lockers, as well as vending machines and luggage service.


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