Piazza Sigmund Freud, 20124 , Milano , Italy
Modern Porta Garibaldi train station is nestled in the middle of picturesque Piazza XXV Aprile and proudly prides itself on being the second busiest station in the city. It was built relatively recently, in 1961, and named after a famous Italian general, Giuseppe Garibaldi. This railway hub is considered to be the second busiest train station in the city, servicing most of the Italian suburban routes, as well as several international routes to such popular European destinations as Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, and the capital of love, mesmerizing Paris.



Frequently Asked Question About Porta Garibaldi Railway Station


How many platforms does Porta Garibaldi have?

The size of the station is quite impressive, it boasts 22 platforms, located above as well (12 in total) as below the surface (10 in total). It's really easy to find the one you are looking for as all of them are numbered left to right as you face the trains.


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