313 Sec 1 Nangang Rd Nangang District, Taipei, Taiwan

Welcome to Nangang train stations, a huge transport hub, set in the eponymous southeastern district of Taipei. This striking complex gathers five different types of connections under one roof (subway, rail, high-speed rail, bus, and inter-city bus), making it incredibly easy to reach by public transport. It has 7 platforms and serves trains to Taipei, Keelung, Yilan, Shulin, as well as many other destinations. What is more, the Nangang railway station houses a first-class hotel and offers numerous shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities, such as a movie theatre and karaoke. Of course, inside While you are at Nangan station, make sure to keep an eye out for adorable animal paintings on the platforms. 




Frequently Asked Questions About Nangang Rail Station


How to get to Nangang station?

As mentioned above, the station boasts a fantastic location in the city center and offers 5 various types of connections. Subway is the most popular one, as the metro station is combined with the Nangan railway station, ensuring an easy trip with minimum planning involved. What is more, the Nangan subway station is a work of art, so make sure to check out the artwork by Jimmy Liao in the metro area.

Can I buy a train ticket at the station?

Sure, there are several ticket desks and ticket machines at your service at Nangan station, but keep in mind the station is one of the busiest in Taiwan, so the lines might be quite impressive. Consider booking your tickets online, as this way there is no need to queue to get a ticket, you don't risk finding out that train tickets are already sold-out right before your trip, and it leaves you some time to explore the railway hub that offers a lot to see and do.


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