Jiangning, Nanjing, Nanjing, China

Did you know that Nanjing South is one of the largest rail complexes on the planet regarding floor area? Located just 10 kilometers (6 mi) from the city center, it occupies 458 000 square meters (4 930 000 sq ft)! Famous as a multi-transport hub, Nanjing South offers not only railway connections but also subway, city bus, and taxi services. Being a significant part of the Chinese high-speed train system, this railway joint accommodates trains that run on the following lines: Shanghai - Nanjing, Nanjing - Hangzhou, Shanghai - Wuhan, and Beijing - Shanghai.

Nanjing High-Speed Railway Hub: South Station

Wihtout a doubt, Nanjing train hub is an impressive complex itself. Watch a video attached below to have a glimpse of the station's restless life.



Extra Information About Nanjing South Station


How can I get to Nanjing South?

The station is connected to city's subway system and is served by four different lines, featuring Line 1, 3, S1, and S3. Another option to reach the station from Nanjing's downtown within an hour is by buses 19, 84, 119, 129, 191, 192.

What can I find at Nanjing South Station?

Inside the five-storey building passengers can find everything needed for a comfortable journey like luggage lockers, ticket offices, shops, restaurants, informations desk, and bathrooms.

How can I get from Nanjing South to Nanjing Lukou Interntional Aiport?

The smartest way to reach the Nanjing Lukou Airport from the station is to take a shuttle bus (Line 2), that departs every 20 minutes. The ntire ride will take you just 1,5 hours and cost 25 CNY.


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