Jernbanetorget 1, 154, Oslo, Norway

Oslo Central Station (also known as "Oslo S train station") is the main rail station in the Norwegian capital, serving a wide range of domestic and international routes. It was built on Jernbanetorget Square next to the old Oslo East Station. It was decided not to demolish the building of the Osle East station but build a new modern facility close by instead. Both of the rail stations were connected via the Oslo Tunnel, resulting in the biggest railway hub in the country. Each of the buildings also house big malls, providing fantastic shopping and entertainment opportunities.

Look Inside the Oslo Central Railway Station

Going on a rail trip on a high-speed train is always exciting. Can you think of a better way to travel than relaxing in a comfortable seat and enjoying the gorgeous views outside the window while listening to the clickety-clack of the train wheels? But finding your way (and the right train) around a railway station can be quite challenging. To get an idea of what the Oslo Central Station looks like and what you can find there, watch the video below.



Getting Around Oslo Central Station


Where is the Oslo Central Station?

Oslo S is located on the eastern edge of the city center, not far from the Akershus Festning, the Oslo Opera House, and the Rockefeller Music Hall.

How to get to the Oslo Central Station?

The Jernbanetorget Square where the station is located is part of the biggest transport hub in Norway, thus, reaching the station is not a problem. You can travel there by bus, tram, local train, as well by the metro (the most popular way of traveling through Oslo). Right next to the Oslo S station there's the Jernbanetorget metro station, served by all six Oslo subway lines.

What to find at the Oslo Central Station?

As mentioned above, the station is very well-organized and inside you can find an information desk, a tourist Info Buero, several Oslo Central Station maps, restrooms and baby changing facilities, ATMs and currency exchange points, as well as a wide choice of bars and cafes. When you arrive, don't forget to check out the list Oslo Central Station departures that are available on the big timetable boards throughout the station.

Are there any Oslo Central Station luggage storage facilities?

Yes, there are. You can leave your belongings in the storage lockers at the station, paying with Visa/Mastercard or in cash. Keep in mind that the station is closed from 1.10 a.m. till 4.30 a.m. and you won't be able to collect your things in this timeframe.

What to do if I forgot my luggage at the station?

First of all, there is no need to worry. You can collect your belongings at the Oslo Central Station's Left Luggage Office which is located in the Locker and Storage Hall (to help you find its exact location, the hall is marked with the suitcase icon on the Oslo S station maps that are available inside).

Does the Oslo Central Station have a first-class lounge?

No, unfortunately, it doesn't. Nevertheless, this Oslo train station is very well-equipped and offers a vast choice of services to make your time there as worry-free as possible.

Can I rent a car at the station?

Yes, you can. The Hertz Bilutleie Oslo S car rental agency is available on the premises, as well as several other rental companies, offering their services nearby.

Is there free Wi-Fi at the Oslo Central Station?

Yes, there is. Travelers are welcome to take agventage of complimentary Wi-Fi at the station.

Is there a direct train from the Oslo Central Station to the airport?

Yes, there is. One of the most popular ways to travel from the Oslo S rail station to the Oslo Airport is onboard a Flytoget Airport Express Train, leaving every 10-20 minutes.


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