Indohaz ter, 7623, Pecs, Hungary

Located in Europe's Cultural Capital 2010, Pecs railway station is a highlight itself. As Pecs is rather a small town, the train station gives ground to most European stations in terms of size. But that's what makes it so cozy! Clean rooms, old European architecture, and all needful amenities leave an impression. Built in 1900, Pecs train station represents a great example of Renaissance Eclectism architectural style featuring wall carvings with James Watt and George Stephenson. Conveniently for travelers, a bus terminal together with a bus stop and a cab rank zone is located right in front of the railway station.



Useful Information About Pecs Railway Station


Can I travel to Pecs from Budapest Keleti Station?

Yes, you can! Trains from Budapest to Pecs go through Pusztaszabolcs. Pecs train station is also connected with Mohács and Nagykanizsa.

How long is Budapest - Pecs travel time by train?

This route can boast frequent trains from Budapest to Pecs with a travel time of about 2 hours 40 minutes on an express train.


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