Wilsonova 8, 110 00, Prague, Czechia

Opened in 1871, the Prague Main station is one of the oldest train stations in the charming city of Prague. At first, it was named Franz Josef station, honoring a famous Emperor of Austria, Franz Joseph I. In 1945 the station got a different name, the Wilson station, this time after a former president of the USA, Woodrow Wilson. And only in 1948, the Prague Main Station got the name it boasts to this day. The station is the largest and the busiest railway hub in Prague, serving over 610 trains every day.

Navigating at the Prague Main Train Station

Finding your way when you are far from home is always challenging, especially in a place as crowded and big as the Prague Main rail station. Of course, there are plenty of Prague Main railway station maps available throughout the station complex and a tourist information point is happy to help, but it's always better to come prepared. The short video below takes you on a tour around the station's main facilities, so you can feel more confident navigating at the station when the day of your rail adventure comes.



What to Know About the Prague Main Station


How many train stations are there in Prague?

There are 4 major rail stations in Prague and the Prague Main train station is the biggest and the busiest of them all.

What is the main train station in Prague called?

In Polish, the main train station of the Czech Republic is called "Praha Hlavni Nadrazi".

From which Prague's train station do trains to Vienna depart?

If you are planning a rail trip from beautiful Prague to scenic Vienna, you can catch a direct train, going between these European cities, at the Prague Main train station.

Is the Prague Main train station safe?

There is no need to worry, the staff of the Praha Hlavni Nadrazi takes security very seriously and travelers' safety (as well as the safety of their luggage) is a high priority for all the station's workers. It's never a problem to find a security guard in a matter of minutes, the check out pocedures are very thorough, and taking advantage of the Prague main train station luggage storage facilities is a sure way to enjoy your stay without worrying about your bags.


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