Find Out More About Shanghai Railway Station

385 Meiyuan Rd, Zha Bei Qu, Shanghai, China

Often referred to as "New railway station," Shanghai railway station serves as the most important transportation joint of the city since 1987. Being a significant part of China's rail network, this station offers both regular and high-speed connections with numerous hubs around the country featuring Xian, Suzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Chengdu. Shanghai train station is situated to the North of the city center and occupies the area of 15 560 square meters in total. As the complex itself is quite large, it might take you some extra time to pass the security check and find your platform. To avoid the unnecessary fuss, it's advisable to be at the station at least 1 hour ahead of your departure time.



Getting Around Shanghai Railway Station


How to get to Shanghai railway station?

Due to its convenient connection with Shanghai public transport system, the station is accessible by numerous bus lines, taxi, and metro (lines 1,3, and 4). Please keep in mind that you can catch a cab the only on the underground level of the complex, as they are not allowed to stop in front of the main entrance.

What to find at the Shanghai train station?

The Shanghai railway station in China was designed to provide the passengers with the utmost comfort. The complex of the station features ticket offices, waiting rooms, WCs, drinking fountains, plenty of food shops, and luggage storage.


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